Monday, May 7, 2012

jobs, jobs, jobs and sugar

This job hunt thing is getting really boring and repetitive.  This morning I drove to Davis to get fingerprinted and two other applicants ahead of me were wearing shorts and flip flops.  I felt very overdressed.

In between hunting I've been starting to get the yard ready for summer, trying out recipes and reading.

Yesterday I made lavender syrup and it was really easy.  It's just like making hummingbird food but with less sugar and tons of lavender.  I used half the sugar that was recommended and it was still too sweet for me, even with soda water.  I have more of a chocolate sweet tooth than a sugary/candy sweet tooth.

I'm not much of an ice cream person either but every so often I want pistachio or cherry ice cream/gelato.  That one on the top left is the one I usually buy straight from Italy SaveMart.  They often have a special where you can get 2 for $5.  Last night I tried the Key Lime Graham one on the right.  It tasted just like key lime cheesecake.  So delicious.  Have you had Duplo's before?  There are three hazelnuts and hazelnut cream within a wafer chocolate bar type thing.  V's Mom sends them to us for birthdays and holidays and I also saw them at World Market.  A real fancy treat.

Want to see something cute?  YOU DO?  OK!


  1. Oh Llorca, you're soooooo cute! Our little stray could be Llorca's little sister.

  2. What is the lavender syrup for?

  3. I mixed it with soda water...and then later with soda water and vodka.

  4. Mmmm lavender cocktail. That sounds good.