Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy weekend

Happy Monday!  Last night before falling asleep I was thinking about the Aleve lady in the old commercials who needed to take a pill before gardening.  I am turning into that lady.

We trimmed the plants and trees, ripped out all the weeds and finished laying down the weed blocker fabric that I'd started a while back before running out of anchors.  We bought some new plants at Home Depot and V bought some missing supplies to install a drip system in the front.  Everything looks a lot nicer.

Flowers in the trunk

While I was pulling weeds I realized something looked off about the front porch and that the planters and pots didn't look balanced.  I have no idea how long it's been gone but someone stole a small mosaic table I had on the front porch.  I'm sad it's gone but considering I didn't notice until this weekend and have no idea how long it's been missing I suppose I can't be too heartbroken.

On Saturday we attempted to go to the beach which was allegedly going to be 82 degrees but when we got there the fog had already started to roll in.  At Bolinas it was 52 degrees and windy.  The town was packed and there was hardly anywhere to park.  A lot of people were driving down the skinny streets only to have to reverse out because there weren't any spots.  There were a couple of tense moments when an old guy yelled obscenities at us because we didn't give him enough room to pass in his giant van and later when we were reversing into a parking spot and someone tried to steal it from us.  There weren't any waves and a ton of people in the water so we decided to leave, but only after I got my jalapeno cheese puffs from the liquor store there.  Have you had these?  They are TOO delicious.

I've finished my make-up testing!  My skin broke out about 4 hours into wearing the Nars pure radiance which felt like I had a layer of oil on it.  My cat jumped up on to my desk and rubbed his body against my face and I'm pretty sure he got some makeup on his fur.  Gross.

The Philosophy make up was too pale but did feel pretty good on my skin.  

The Clinique Moisture Surge and City Block are my favourites.  I especially like that the City Block has zinc, which blocks everything.  It's not marketed as a tinted moisturizer but has a light tint that works with my skin tone.  Good for relaxed outdoor adventures where you don't need to look like a bazillion bucks.  Clinique is giving out travel sized samples of these right now at Macy's if you're interested.


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  1. I heard Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer's supposed to be really good- maybe you could get a sample of that to try?