Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sometimes I get a really strong urge to go through my things and get rid of anything I haven't used.  Usually this happens when my clothes get really disorganized and I can't find anything to wear even though I know I have a perfectly good outfit hiding under a pile of sweaters.  Or ice skates taking up a giant tupperware box.

Found some loose change.

Taking an extended vacation to Goodwill.

I clean things out every 4-6 months.  Yesterday I started with my bedroom closet.  I had a dress in there that I haven't worn since 2001.  2001!  The style is nice-ish and it fits but the fabric is so awful that it went in the giveaway pile.  I also had a brown cotton dress with gold sequins on the bust and a drop waist.  Drop waists look terrible on me.  Giveaway pile.

Beliveau Barracudas!.

Last weekend some ladies and I were looking at some old photos.  I'm trying to decide which photos to keep and which to toss.  I have two giant boxes filled with photos and journals and other notes from grade school through University.  What do I do with all those things?  I only look at them when I'm trying to clean out the house and then they go back in their bin.  And yearbooks?  I have 6 of them.  Do you still have yours?  I'm considering getting rid of mine.


  1. Don't get rid of photos and yearbooks! How much space do they really take up?

  2. Don't do it! What if you have kids or something? I love my mom's old yearbooks. So cool.

  3. Although I am a great "get-ridder-of" person, do not get rid of them!

    First, if your photos are not in an album....put the best of the photos into albums. Then get rid of the rest if you want. Then put the yearbooks, photo albums and journals into a big plastic bin away in a safe place for you to wander across now and then!

    By the way, I have 12 yearbooks! And do not get me started on my photos and journals! Ha...see my last post on fb regarding this exact subject!

    But I love having them around...can't help it.