Monday, June 18, 2012

107 degrees

We had a real Sacramento Saturday with friends.  We breakfasted at Pancake Circus, swam in the river and went to the Drive In.  Rock of Ages was awful.  I spent most of the movie trying to read lips on the Men In Black screen next to ours.  Men in Black actually looked pretty good!  About halfway through the movie, we deserted our friends and drove over to another screen.  V had wanted to see the Lorax and I was surprised at how good it was.  I laughed in a few spots even though I traditionally don't like animation.  The singing fish were my favourite.

The night before we went to Pizza Rock.  I don't get it.  The pizza we had wasn't as good as I'd heard it would be and the wings were awful.  Those of us who had them decided they tasted like they'd been covered in jam.  Way too sweet.

After, we hung outside and people watched.  District 30 and Dive bar are on either side of Pizza Rock.  I felt like an old marm next to all the tight dresses and super high heels.  All the girls were wearing different variations of the same black stretchy lace dress.  I haven't been to either place but I want to.  It would be a good time if they'd let me in.  I think we saw some people get turned away but maybe they voluntarily left.  They weren't wearing black lace.

Is anyone else going to Mayer Hawthorne at Ace of Spades tomorrow?  I've had my tickets for months, or at least weeks.  Doors at 7.  I just looked at their website and Talib Kweli and Too $hort are going to be there next month.  Anyone?  Anyone?

My friend Danielle posted her running playlists on her blog and it made me think that I might want to keep track of the things I listen to.  I only make mixtapes when I have a handful of new songs that I love and I'm picky with my music so it only happens about once a month.  I'm going to do a new thing where I'm going to post what I'm listening to while I'm writing.  I do most of my album listening on Spotify.  It has ads but it's freeeeeeeeeee!

Listening to: 
Simian Mobile Disco: Unpatterns
Diplo : Express Yourself EP
Dent May: Do Things


  1. I have been testing the diplo waters lately. I have no idea who this Hawthorne character is, I think you could be just the lady to be suggesting new music to me.

    Too Short though? I could be your anyone there.


  2. I'd go see Talib Kweli. And Pizza Rock is dumb, and LOUD.