Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Most of you know I am often thinking about huskies.  I see them all over the place in town and on our travels and try to sneak in photos whenever I can.  This morning when I opened the curtains I saw that the neighbour across the street had a good looking white one!  A HUSKY RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!  I would have actually run out to see it but I was still in my nightie.

For "fun" I like to look on craigslist to see what kind of pups are posted.  This is one I found this morning.  Too funny.

I was chased down by a fat uncooperative Timber Wolf today at the park at Jacinto and Center Parkway. He found my husky appealing and they played while we waited for Animal control who never showed up because apparently me sitting in the rain waiting for 2 hours isn't their concern. Timber Wolf did NOT like sitting in the dug out, and so I leashed him up and drug him howling and fighting home. I put him in my dogs kennel and then lifted the monsterous beast onto my truck and sent my husband to the local shelter on bradshaw to drop the fluffy smelly monstrosity of a dog off. Earlier at the park the dog jumped into the pond, so he's wet, and has a whine like no other dog I have heard. He's a good dog, never bit me, or showed anything but a lustfull interest in my... girl parts, and the girl parts of my husky. Any ways, if you lost this dog, as he looks to be expensive, groomed (and now a mess), he will be at my house. Yes my house. Not the shelter. Why you ask? Because one shelter was closed, and the shelter that was opened refused to take your pretty pooch on account of he was not found in their area. If you want your dog before animal control gets here (within 3 day )email me for the address of where your horney, giant, smelly, very sweet dog is. BTW I'm only assumign it's a timber wolf, it MIGHT be a husky. Black and white, and humping all over. probably weighs 70-80 lbs. VERY furry. Furry like, I can't take a shower because I'll clog the drain. Furry like I'm going to have to vacuum myself. Furry like I lost my son in his fur as he was petting him and will be needing him back. 

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  1. That's pretty funny. I'm a Spaniel person myself.