Friday, June 15, 2012

Summertime, summertime

I forgot to write yesterday because I got a haircut, did some grocery shopping, cleaned the house (gasp!) and sat around outside and enjoyed the 98 degree weather.  Hatcha-cha-cha-cha!

This is our backyard oasis.  It makes me laugh.

My little side table.  I got it at Talini's when I was waiting for the alignment on my car to get fixed.  Has anyone else noticed that one of the guys who works there always smells of alcohol?  
Bee balm , Pineapple sage and basil looking a little thirsty.  There are already so many bees in our yard (three landed on me when I was "swimming" in the pool the other day) but I love the bee balm flowers.  I'm still deciding where to plant these.

Some pals and I went to a tweet up the other day at Red Rabit.  It's like a business mingling thing but it seemed more like a cheesy singles meetup.  We had a nice time people watching and averting our eyes when people got too close.  There were so many short dresses and heavy makeup which is insane in this heat.  The misters were going full blast so it felt like it was raining on the back partio. (That was a typo but I like the thought of a patio being a partio).

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  1. How much did that side table cost? I could use on like that for the front porch.