Thursday, June 21, 2012


Only two more weeks to go until I start my job!  This weekend we're going to San Francisco for some good times.  Yesterday I thought I bought tickets to the David Shrigley artist talk at YBCA but then realised I'd bought tickets for the opening night party.  I called the YBCA and they reversed the charge.  So nice!

This morning I was looking at the website again and saw that the talk was on Saturday when until this morning I thought it was on Friday.  Scatterbrain.  Now I'm trying to find a hotel online so we can have a little getaway.  Why does that seem to take hours to pick a hotel online?  I'm thinking Ocean Beach so V can walk to the beach and surf if the waves are good.

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  1. Liv is going to that, too. Who the heck is this guy?