Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The check battery light came on on my car the other day so I had to have it looked at.  I was worried after already spending a bunch of money on tires, an oil change and to fix the alignment.  Everything's fine!  Here's a toast to having friends who are mechanics.

Does anyone know anything about dishwashers?  That is high on my wish list once I get a paycheque.  Our kitchen has an old set up with the stove on one side, the oven at eye level on another side and a sink squeezed into a corner.  The space in there might be an issue but I need a professional opinion.  I really want to make it work even if it's a tiny one.

You can get drawer dishwashers!  Who knew?

Next question: Some of my clothes are torn when I get them out of the dryer and I'm not sure if it's the dryer or the washing machine that's doing it.  Has this happened to you?   I've totally torn up one sweater and the other day I noticed my long summer skirt had holes near the bottom.  Maybe I should wear them together in a park and hold out a jar.

Third question: Does anyone wants to meet for happy hour tonight at Shady Lady before the The Mayer Hawthorne show at Ace of Spades tonight?  (If you want to go to the show it's $24 at the door.  It starts around 8.)

Listening to these tracks:

Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute
Ariel Pink: Baby

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  1. hmmm - the holes make me wonder if you have moths eating your stuff...the sweater may have had holes you didn't notice and then when washed became "torn". Only asking since I had a run in with something that was eaten once.

  2. Darn it! Shooting a CC tonight. Have fun at Shady! xoxo

  3. Put me down as a maybe on the shady, I need to make my triumphant return to the verge tonight, but might be done around 7.


  4. I get holes in the bottom right corner of my tops, but I'm pretty sure they're from my belt buckle. I also noticed holes in tops I hadn't worn in ages, but only when we lived with Pat's parents. Mice I think? :s