Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small fashion whine

Can we talk about cropped pants?  They aren't the best look for tall people and I am a tall person.  I bought one pair of navy cropped pants (the minnie from J.Crew) last summer.  I bought them because I needed something to wear on casual Friday at my last job because my coworkers were on my case about wearing skirts on Fridays.

Anyway, I want some actual pants.  Everything out there is cropped! Pants are so frustrating.  I'm going to say it, can someone please make a respectable trouser?  Preferably in kelly green, please.  And no chinos!  I hate that word.  

Silk pants.  Too bright for work.

Last weekend I tried on some purple denim cropped pants.  They were cute but I decided that I didn't need them and the sales lady was being too pushy.  Also, they were Ivanka Trump brand, which gave me second thoughts about buying them.  Is Ivanka Trump going to be the next Jessica Simpson?  For a long time I wouldn't even look at a J.Simp shoe.  Last year I bought a pair from na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaa TJ Maxx and they are cute, quality leather.

Another small whine: The Macy's in SF is a million times better than the one in Sacramento.  They have a way bigger selection and almost everything was 30-50% off.

Moving on....

A handful of us did Zumba last night and we survived!  It was pretty fun but seemed just like an aerobics class.  We sweated like pigs.  I'd do it again.

Listening to: Frank Ocean: Pyramids


  1. If you buy a pair of trousers that are too short for a tall person, would they qualify as
    "cropped"...just wondering? Or just buy a pair that are too short - and get them shortened even more...voila...cropped. (I am imagining the eye rolling at this point). :)

  2. My pants are currently residing above my ankles today. Most of my pants are too short because I'm almost 5'10". Luckily my ankles are my best feature, except right now they are streaky from self-tanner.

    What would even happen if you wore silk pants? What if you tried to ride a bike in them?

  3. I like ankles too but I think for most workplaces, short pants are just too casual. This coming from a lady who likes to wear dresses all the time. Matt thought I had some sort of religious obligation to wear dresses because he claims to have never seen me in pants.

    As for biking, those silk pants are raw silk which is thicker/heavier than the silk you might be thinking of. If I wore my them on my bike all the princes of the world would chase after me.

  4. You are fancy. I like the bright britches, I think you could pull it off at work with a neutral top. You should see some of the crap I wear to work. But then again, I've sat in pee a couple of times.