Monday, June 25, 2012

Front row!

I was so excited about seeing David Shrigley's artist talk that I thought I was going to be sick on the drive there.  I get anxious for boring things like interviews and I get anxious for exciting things like art talks and art shows (also concerts, weddings, vacations.).  Apologies to my stomach for making it churn so much all these years.  Hang in there!

We were first in line which meant FRONT ROW.  He had some great stories and jokes about being an artist even though he didn't do well in art school because all his teachers thought he was messing around.  The talk was an hour and then he took about 30 minutes of questions.  V asked a question, which was funny (of course)!  I was too shy.  Also, I didn't have a question.

The YBCA had a big sign that said "No Photographs" and I had my huge camera with me so I obeyed the rules because I couldn't be sneaky.  The security was very diligent too.  The last time I went to a show here there was only one security guard in the whole place.  This time there were three.  I didn't have a chance.

I also did some Union Square shopping.  I didn't find a single thing.  Not a thing! Me!  Since I struck out I decided to spend my soon-to-be hard earned money on some art instead of an expensive suit that I probably won't wear anyway.  I'm going to enjoy it so much more and I have that nervous excitement just thinking about it hanging on my wall.  Quick, I need to talk about something else.

We stayed at San Francisco's first motel, built in 1936!  It was very cute and our room was teenie tiny but clean and cozy.  Some of the rooms have kitchens too but you need to book them far in advance.  The place was less than 2 blocks from the beach so V was able to surf Friday and Saturday and we took the MUNI around town on Friday night.  What a fun weekend!


  1. I am a highly anxious person, so I hear ya. My stomach is churning now and I don't even remember why.

  2. My stomach is churning because I had popcorn for dessert last night.