Thursday, June 28, 2012

Piggish cat

Last night we had tv night at my house and I watched a movie while my friends farted around on their iphones playing games and looking at Instagram.  The movie was about a dude who broke up with his lady and how sad he was about it.  Not recommended.  There was cake and Llorca licked the icing off the leftovers when I wasn't looking.

I went to get my glasses adjusted today and the store owner, who is always very chatty and personable gave me a hug when I walked in.  Like a big serious squeezy hug.  I barely hug my closest friends so that made me uncomfortable.  He asked about my name change and told me I looked really great and asked if I was doing yoga.  Creepy, right?  He also gave me another hug when I left.  It was weird but at least my glasses aren't falling off my face anymore.

Did you know there's a genre of music called Funeral Doom?  I had no idea.  It's very slow with heavy guitars and low growling.  Definitely not as bad as I thought it would be.  Thank you, Pitchfork.

Listening to:

Tomas Barfood - November Skies
Polica: Live at SXSW
Little Dragon: Sunshine


  1. That sounds about right for the name. Unlike witch house which was so much better in my mind, I like some of what I have heard but its not nearly witchy enough.
    More beats and cackling.

  2. Do you think the shop guy thought you were pregnant? Hence the yoga stuff and hugs? I lol'd at what your friends were doing during the movie, I'm all over Words with Friends and Draw Something right now, it must be driving Pat crazy!

  3. Those hugs were not OK. Next time, bring pepper spray. Or fart spray.