Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Showtime !

Holy moly!  Mayer Hawthorne was sososososo good.  Thanks to my pals who met with me at Shady Lady for a few hours before the show while I waited for my hot date to get off work.  I didn't take any photos of our friend times.  I was TOO EXCITED.  I did get one photo at the show, which is terrible.  I wasn't sure if I would get away with bringing my good camera in but security is pretty lax there.  They didn't even look through my bag.  Unlike certain places.

Ace of Spades is a good venue.  The sound was great!  I was surprised because every time I've been in the R/15 area it always seems to be insane metal bands that you can hear all the way down the street.  Apparently there are also fights there when certain bands play.  Obviously that didn't happen last night.

Sacramento crowd.  We are in there somewhere!

I went looking for professional clothes yesterday afternoon and I'm sorry to announce that I will not be wearing a matching suit EVER.  They are totally unflattering on women!  The suit I tried on at Banana Republic was lightweight wool.  For a jacket and skirt the cost was just under $300.  I felt like I looked 15 years older in this thing!  

That is my "you're hired" pose in the first one.  The second photo is to further prove that matching all over is a very bad idea.

I did find some pants, two tops, and a leather tote at BR.  They were all on clearance with an additional 30% off so my bill came to just over $100.  I hate pants usually, especially work pants.  I was telling Matt that ladies work pants often make you look like you're wearing a very loose fitting diaper under the pants.  I don't want to go nuts on buying new clothes since I'm not exactly sure how people will be dressed there.  The nice lady who interviewed me told  me "you don't look like someone who works in insurance claims".

Listening to:
These crazy recordings on you tube.  The episodes are from a webcast called "Live from Daryl's house".  I've never heard of it before.  It's bands performing their own songs and "I can't go for that" (duh) with Daryl Hall.  I might be spending most of the day listening to the episodes.

No Strings: Mayer Hawthorne and Daryl Hall

I Got a Thing on my Mind: Sharon Jones and Daryl Hall

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  1. That second outfit would be good if you wanted to hide among some upholstery.