Friday, June 29, 2012

New George Michael

Oh, gosh.  I hate to say it but George Michael's new song is awful.  It starts off with him singing in autotune!  This isn't an actual video but it's a lyric video from his website.  So if you want to learn all the words, this is perfect.  If you never want to think of this song again it may be a bad idea.

I'm ready to forget that song and go back to favourites, like these:

I could post George Michael videos all day but I have to get moving to go to San Francisco.  I'm picking up some art at the YBCA, we're going to check out a surf shop and V's going to surf.  I imagine the scene will be a lot like these ones from last weekend.

This article by RC about what could be bought instead of healthcare is funny and sad.  I've been making my healthcare choices for the new job I'm starting and it's still not cheap.

Listening to:
George Michael
Orb & Lee "Scratch" Perry: Hold Me Upsetter

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  1. Yes! Club Tropicana is the best! I love the way it fades into 'Nothing Looks the Same in the Light', brilliant!!