Monday, June 4, 2012

Hubba hubba

The new Nordstrom catalogue arrived yesterday and it's full of summery goodies like this one piece swimsuit.

Marc Jacobs : Interesting take on the peplum trend.

The same print is available as a romper, which is also cute for lounging around at home.

I would really appreciate it if someone would buy these and hang out with me so I can look at you wearing it.  I can't wear a one-piece swimsuit or romper to save my life without having to hunch over to make it "fit".  The woes of having a long torso.

I was browsing on and came across some curious clothing finds.

This is the most unflattering pose I've ever seen!  To be fair, the outfit is awful.

If I ever go back to Canada, I know what I'll be buying to stay warm.

I have a strong urge to use a sharpie.

In shopping news, I will soon be able to actually shop again instead of just browsing endlessly online!  I was offered a job and start in 3 weeks once my background check has been completed.  

Not to get too personal but I have to tell you that the stress of not being able to find a job immediately and having personal savings nearly run out is something I haven't ever experienced before.  A couple of weeks ago I finally decided that I may as well apply for unemployment benefits to see if I'd be eligible. Thankfully, I found out on Saturday that I'd been approved and will be getting a little bit of money from them until I start my job.  It was/is a huge relief.  V even said, "Now that you've been approved for unemployment, you'll get offered a job."  He was right!

I am very lucky and thankful that my Mr. has been able to take care of us both.  He has never ever complained about it or made me feel bad and has constantly told me that things will always work out.  I'm happy that soon I'll finally be able to contribute financially to our family! I'm also very thankful to have such great friends who have listened to me whine about my job search and helped me keep a positive outlook throughout the whole search.  


  1. Congrats! I don't know why, but I just had a feeling you would get it.

  2. I know exactly how you feel, I was at that point just before I got my job here in Scotland, and then also last fall, when we moved out but I wasn't making a ton of money. Good thing I have a full time contract now, and I've even applied for a promotion!

  3. oh i love the marc jacobs one piece!