Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New best friend

I made a new friend at Marshall's this afternoon.  I was looking at the sun hats and an older lady dressed in white with turquoise jewelry and long white hair offered the hats she was returning to the pile to me to try on.  We had a discussion about how annoying floppy hats are and how large the brims were.  Brims these days, let me tell you!

She left me at the hat rack but kept coming back with more things to get my opinion.  Her cart was HEAPED with clothes, belts, and scarves.  I never really get excited about the clothes at Marshalls but the purses, accessories and housewares are good.

I can cool it on the hat search for now because I bought this.  It's light blue with a white ribbon and gold tone circle thingy around the crown.  The edges are bendy which is nice so I can move the brim to hide my face more if I don't want people to talk to me on the beach.  It also came in green with a navy ribbon that I really liked but how many hats does one lady need?  I figured this would be more versatile.  The brim is larger than I wanted but I'm sick of looking and this will do for now.  I got it for $20 and you can get similar styles on the RL website

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