Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lovey dovey

I forgot to post the card I made for my man last month for our date-iversary.  It's a linoleum block print.  I love almost all kinds or printing but the beauty of linoleum block printing is that the tools are minimal and inexpensive and you don't need a giant press.

I noticed the Verge gallery had a couple presses out last weekend.  One looked to be a monotype pres.  I remember seeing some information about classes a while ago but I checked online and there aren't any upcoming classes.  Does anyone know, will they be doing classes?  Is anyone wondering if I will use the word classes again in this post?  Classes would be awesome.

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  1. Hey!

    The two presses can be set up to do most types of printing... litho, etching, relief, monotype, etc. The facility will be set up on a low scale level to work out the bugs by early July and will be open to the community in the fall. We'll have an orientation class to get you up to speed on the presses and after that it will be a monthly fee for access to open lab hours. In the short term will be doing relief, etching, and monoprint, with litho and silk screening on the horizon. It's pretty exciting!!! Sac's first public print making facility!