Monday, June 11, 2012

The big event!

A beautiful couple, delicious food and drinks and a packed dance floor made for a super great wedding this weekend.  Congratulations Scott and Becky!

Celebrating with the Four Eyes
V woke up the day of the wedding and thought. "I think we should have a mojito zone." and he made it happen.  On the way to the wedding set-up he realised he'd forgotten the muddler so we stopped at a local restaurant and they offered to let him borrow theirs for the weekend.
Pretty ladies in pretty dresses.
Natalie, the wedding planner.
Out of town friends
Glowy ceremony
Ties removed, beer spilled.
Cutting rugs!


  1. The "Mojito zone" was an brilliant idea. I stuck the sign to my butt yesterday during cleanup.

  2. That was a great Sacto wedding.